Every day young generation in small town India travel with hopes on bus or trains with lots of dreams in their eyes and feelings in their heart and expecting it make something big in the world. The Indian cinema is constructing on the fantasy of millions of such people. The country produces more than thousand movies every year in different languages and states. Indian film industry are growing so fast even Hollywood cannot match a feet. The main film studios are found in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. Chennai for Hindi cinema. There are also includes regional languages for other states like Malayalam, Bhojpuri, kanad etc for south Indian pictures. But in bollywood industry have so many actor like Amitabh bachan, Shahrukh khan, Amir Khan, Ajay devgan etc also play role in almost all regions.

However, Most of the pictures are based on religious and culture according to city and state. Punjabi movies are also very popular in the country. Punjabi culture is one of the oldest and ancient cultures in all over the world.  The word Punjab is collection of 2 words PUNJ and AAB which means 5 water. That 5 rivers Sutlej. Beas, raavi, Jhelum, Chenab and it’s have unique culture and different festivals. People of Punjab are very hardworking and friendly they contribute their 100% in every field. In all matter of Language, cuisine, dance, singing, games, entertainment, education and so on Punjabis are doing best. There are numbers of literature author which is famed for its entirely meaning and clear cut use the words. If we are thinking about entertainment industry then Punjabis have beat all the records. Because their bhangra, gidha, songs, weddings, festivals are most favorable not in India as well as foreign also. Punjabi pictures are becoming slowly first option of every person. Not even Punjabis belong other states of people are attracting to their acting, dialogues, songs and off course story script of the film. There are long list of actor and actress which played diversion of role in Punjabi picture. Nowadays every week and any festival on released at least one or two movie from Punjabi cinema and got maximum likes and hits in public.

Moreover, the Punjabi theater is also known as Pollywood industry. It had great influenced on public. The 21st century Punjabi cinema is boom and becoming name in India. The first movie was made in Calcutta and it was released in Lahore. In 2009 the Punjabi film industry has mass-produced near about 900 to 1000 movies. The standard release per year in 1970 was approximate nine, in 1980 were eight and in 1990 were launched 6 movies. In 1935 first movie pind di kudi has released which was made by KD Mehra. Noor Jehan was interduced in this picture as an actress as well as singer also. It was very successful film in that time after Sheila. This was his second picture, and after that Heer Sial in 1938 by MM Biloo Mehra was also very popular in previous time. In 1947 independence time India was divided into two parts one was India and second was Pakistan, and Punjab also dissect into two nations that was west Punjab and east Punjab. Most of the artists are moved to Pakistan and Punjabi cinema affected and worked in Sikhs and Hindus turn to Bombay.

In spite of Indian Punjabi Theater are alive in long period. Comedy movies has also made in that time. Mulkh Raj was one of the hit comedians in 1958. Mehar Mittal, Mohan Bhakhri and Aparna Chowdhry have worked in Jatti in 1980 and it was again big success for Punjabi cinema.  Music from the film was also very superhit and sung by Hansraj written by Verma Malik.  Batti baalke banere uttey rakhdi han song from this movie are most favorable still now. Chitte dand hasnon  nayion rehne were also hits by Johnny Walker in 1957.After the wonderful success of Nanak Naam Jahaj hai large number of movie were released. In 1970 Nanak dukhiya sab sansar was introduced and Dara singh and Balraj Sahni and other co-stars has played very good role in this picture. After that in 1972 Man jeetey jag jeet and Mele Mitran de was launched by again Dara singh and Prithviraj kapoor, means some bollywood actor also had done work in Punjabi pictures. After that in 2002 released picture Jee Ayan Nu starring Harbhajan Maan and Manmohan Singh. This picture was made record all over world and got maximum hits. It was made on higest budget 9millions and compared to 20-25 millions. This was the starting point of Punjabi cinema. In 2003 Badla movie was launched. Then Asa Nu Maan Watna da in 2004 again by Harbhajan singh and again directed by Manmohan Singh. That picture was also very successful till now.Des hoya Pardes, Yaaran naal baharan Dil apna Punjabi, Ek jind ek jaan , M tu assi tusi named movies were released in 2005 and achieved success in every film. In 2006 Jimmy Shrgil and Kulraj Randhawa was introduced picture Mannat. After that Waris shah ishq da waris, Tera mera ki Rishta, Munde Uk de , movies were out in Punjabi cinema and all pictures has beat the record of hits. In 2010 near about 16 pictures were launched in pollywood industry. Mel Kara De rabba, starring team Jimmy Shergil  Gippy Grewal nad Neeru bajwa  and this film was broke the records and got around 110 million  net. Ekam by Babbu Maan , Chann asachi muchi, Sukhmani- Hope of life by Gurdaas Mann, Juhi Chawla and Diviya Datta. In 2012 movies introduced named, Mirza- The untold Story by again Gippy Grewal, Jatt& Julliet by Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa, Carry on Jatta again Gippy Grewalnad co-star teams and this was the block buster hit in Punjabi cinema till now. Binnu Dhilon , Gurpreet singh Ghuggi, Jaswinder Singh Bhalla, Rana Ranbir and Karamjit Anmol  played good job in this film. In 2013 comes out picture jatt & Juliet 2, Sada Haqq, Fer mamla Gadbad Gadbad, Tu mera 22Main tera 22, Lucky di unlucky story, Dastar , Punjab Bolda, Haani, Dil Pardesi Ho geya and so on. In 2014 approximate 42 movies were launched. 4 Sahibzaade was 3D picture . JattJamesBond, Disco Singh. Double The Trouble, Mr&Mrs420, Goreya nu Daffa Karo, Kirpan, Kaum De Heere and many more pictures are introduced in Punjabi theater and achieve lots of awards.

In 2015, Sardaarji movie was release and blockbuster movie starring in Diljit Dosanjh. Neeru Bjawa and  Mandy Takhar. This picture was achieved more than 50 crore. After that Angrej picture was released and again wonderful movie in Punjabi Cinema. Amrinder Gill, Binnu Dhilon, Sargun Mehta and Aditi Sharma have done the excellent worked in this picture. After that Shreek movie was released and also got achieved many awards and success.

Last but not least now I would like to conclude my topic, Punjabi cinema is very popular and very well known in all over the world and artist doing perfect role till now in entertainment industry. I must say that Pollywood industry is expanding day by day and I think we should all proud of our whole Punjabi industry.